When it comes to varicose vein treatments, you have the option to get this done at a public or private hospital. In fact, if you are wondering whether varicose vein treatment in a public hospital or private hospital is best for you, then you have come to the right place.

Here at Lumina Interventional Radiology, we specialise in minimally invasive procedures for treating varicose veins, utilising interventional radiology and endovenous thermal ablation. However, a question remains: should you get varicose vein treatment at a private or public hospital?


The New Zealand healthcare system allows Kiwis to receive healthcare for free or low costs, which can be beneficial for those who may not be able to afford certain treatments upfront. At a public hospital, the most common type of varicose vein treatment that will likely be available is vascular surgery.

This type of treatment can involve multiple incisions and a long recovery time, but this approach may not work for everyone. Some individuals may not even require surgery at all, and instead are suited to alternatives like laser ablation.


In comparison, a private clinic may not always be able to offer surgery to treat varicose veins. Instead, they may provide newer approaches that involve laser technologies. This type of varicose treatment sees shorter recovery times and is minimally invasive, meaning that individuals can return to their normal activities in no time.

Laser ablation is an effective alternative to varicose vein surgery, and usually doesn’t require overnight stays. While multiple appointments might be needed, this type of treatment can be useful for those who prefer a non-surgical approach to treating their varicose veins.

With a private clinic, you can also expect no waiting lists and no referral needed from your GP or doctor.

At Lumina Interventional Radiology, we offer private varicose vein treatment for those looking to reap the benefits of private healthcare. This means that there are no waiting lists, enabling you to have instant access to our varicose vein services. Our minimally invasive approach to treating varicose veins offers a quick procedure and fast recovery. For more information, or to make an appointment, please get in touch with us today.