A port-a-cath offers easy vascular access to medicines and antibiotics for individuals with chronic illnesses, and can be left in place for months to years.

If you have a port-a-cath, or are thinking of having a port-a-cath applied, no matter if that is for the administration of chemotherapy or other medicines, then you may be wondering whether you are able to swim and/or exercise with it.

Here at Lumina Interventional Radiology, we can answer this for you.

Let’s take a closer look at whether you can swim and exercise with a port-a-cath.

Can You Swim with a Port-a-Cath?

When it comes to having a chemo port and swimming, people often believe that it is not possible to get your port-a-cath wet. This is due to the increased risk of infection, particularly as individuals undergoing chemotherapy will likely have a more compromised immune system.

However, it is, in fact, still possible to swim with a port-a-cath, even if you are receiving chemotherapy.


Port-a-cath insertion is done subcutaneously, meaning that it is implanted under your skin. As a result, you can swim with a port-a-cath in place. Please note that it is still recommended to wait until your port-a-cath site has healed (which can take up to two weeks) before you swim with your port-a-cath.

Exercising with a Port-a-Cath

When it comes to exercise, the advice is the same. You can exercise and play sports with a port-a-cath, but strenuous or vigorous exercise should be avoided. Do not attempt to exercise before your port-a-cath site has healed. For example, if your port-a-cath was inserted in your chest, it is a good idea to avoid upper body exercises that may pull on the incision until your chest area has recovered.

Many individuals with a port-a-cath experience no restrictions on exercise and activities, and have resumed their daily routines with no hassle.

At Lumina Interventional Radiology, we specialise in chemo port insertion or port-a-cath insertion for cancer patients and individuals who require long-term antibiotics or blood transfusions. Our medical professionals are here to help when it comes to port-a-cath chemotherapy – for more information about our chemo port-a-cath, or for any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Lumina team today.